Co-ownership in the digital age, a « post covid » reality:  for an update on legislative reform, virtual meetings, remote arbitration and mediation, resumption of judicial activities, see Me Chianetta's last article pdf icon 30 in the summer 2020 edition of the review CopropriétéPlus. 

COVID-19: new virtual arbitration service

Even if the courts are closed, the arbitrators are still very active. Two firms go even further with an online arbitration platform: De Grandpré Jolicoeur and Chianetta Avocats join forces to give a different way to access justice by creating a virtual arbitration platform.

See the joint press release by Me Marie-Cécile Bodéüs and Me Stefania Chianetta.
See also this article by Florence Tison on

See also Me Marie-Cécile Bodéüs et Me Stefania Chianetta from the team of arbitrators and mediators grouped on the website « Médiation et arbitrage en copropriété »

Impacts of the COVID-19 on your condo

Copropriété en temps de COVID-19

text by Me Chianetta, April 27th 2020 update
Arrêté 2020-029 - 26th of April 2020 decree, which authorizes the holding of virtual assemblies during the Covid-19 crisis
Arrêté 2020-032 - 5th of May 2020 decree, allowing the board of directors of a co-ownership to establish the description of private portions before the vote of the co-owners can be taken during the Covid-19 crisis 


COPROPRIÉTÉ ET COVID-19 - Des réponses à vos qestions... (2e Bulletin spécial coronavirus)

Read this newsletter by three of the most eminent jurists in co-ownership law in Quebec, namely Me Christine Gagnon, Me Yves Joli-Coeur and Me Yves Papineau

RGCQ'S explanatory guide on Bill 16

Bill 16 was adopted at the National Assembly on Thursday, December 5, 2019. Several new provisions have come into force since January 10th, 2020, while it will take a few years for others to begin to apply. The RGCQ has prepared for its members a guide that summarises the key measures in Bill 16 and their enforcing dates. This document summarizes the important aspects you should be aware of, as an director, co-ownership manager or a co-owner.

pdf icon 30Bill 16 at a Glance: Explanatory Guide from the RGCQ. - January 2020 (Available in French only)

Conference by Me Chianetta and Mrs. Elise Beauchesne on Bill 16, 141 and 41

pdf icon 30LE PROJET DE LOI 16, 141 et 41 Survol des grands changements législatifs
You can download the text of the conference of Me Stefania Chianetta and Ms Elise Beauchesne, given at the annual Fédération des Copropriétaires du Québec symposium held at the Château Royal, in Laval (3500 du Souvenir blvd) on November 9th 2019.